November Project

Three days a week, hundreds of people in cities across North America wake up earlier than most and move their bodies to a predetermined location so they can hug strangers, laugh and smile, and get to know their community. Oh – and they get a great workout, too.

We have been training with this free fitness movement since May of 2012. That summer, Dylan started bringing his camera to the Friday hill workouts in Boston. Brogan and Bojan, the founders of the group, liked what they saw, and started asking us to cover NP events.

They brought us to document the first ever November Project Leader Summit, held in Edmonton, Alberta in December 2013. There were 7 official tribes at the time.

We help shoot #YearbookPhotos…

Each city has a Positivity Award. It’s a wooden oar handle with the name of the city burned into it. In the rowing world, if one person doesn’t show up, the boat can’t practice on the water. It is a reminder of the #JustShowUp concept, and is awarded to people who consistently show up and have a great attitude.

…events like        


In September 2014, we traveled with the NP leaders of 16 official cities to Madison, WI for the second #NPSummit. The gathering was built around the North Face Endurance Challenge, which was raced by all the leaders and many tribe members. November Project swept the podium.

…and, you know, regular November Project stuff.

November Project has been planning #WorldTakeover since the beginning. The hugs are spreading rapidly, and we will be there to capture and share it with you.