About Us

Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura met in fourth grade and have been making videos together since middle school. Dylan’s DV camera allowed us to create and experiment and we just loved working with friends. We made our own spy films, claymations, and behind the scenes interviews.

We’ve grown up a little since then. Now we make adventure films, music videos, and portraits of inspiring people and companies. Thankfully we are no longer shooting on DV, but we are still fueled by that same playful passion to create and collaborate.

Dylan traveled south from our home state of New Hampshire to study Film / Animation / Video at the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for two years as the teaching assistant for animation classes at Harvard University. He loves backpacks, ice cream, and mechanical advantage. He spends time on boats, sailed from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, and can tie a solid monkey’s fist.

Ryan took the northern route, heading to Middlebury College in Vermont, where he studied Studio Art, German, and took as many quirky PE classes as he could. Since graduating, Ryan worked as the video production specialist at Brandeis University, traveled to Europe and Asia, drove across the United States, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. When not outside, Ryan likes to be in the kitchen making a fresh loaf of bread or a new batch of ice cream.



“NH Filmmakers of the Year” – New Hampshire Film Festival

“Best NH Short Documentary” (The Granite Stoke) – New Hampshire Film Festival

“Audience Choice | Best Trailer” (The Granite Stoke) – S.N.O.B. Film Festival

“Honorable Mention” (The Granite Stoke) – San Diego Surf Film Festival


“Emerging Filmmakers” (New England Blood) – San Diego Surf Film Festival

“Honorable Mention”  (New England Blood) – “Spirit of Place” Video Contest | Maine Media Workshops